Vucciria’s success in the public, exhibited in an A & R Italianartlab showcase at the Italian Pavilion.


Renato Guttuso’s painting, arrived from Sicily thanks to the University of Palermo, is at the center of two interesting thematic itineraries dedicated to visitors.

The Istituto dei Ciechi of Milan is in fact taking care of the exhibition entitled “Mercato al Buio”, “an experience of the senses where the public is accompanied by the blind guides of Dialogo nel Buio in an environment that evokes the Vucciria of Palermo”. (Future, 3/6/15).

The path, strictly in the dark, pushes the visitor to resort to sometimes more neglected senses such as touch, smell and hearing to discover the “sensory” market recreated for the occasion and to try to catch the world from the side of the blind. At the end of this guided tour the lights come back on and the painting is offered to the visitor.

The “Market in the dark” is not the only initiative that revolves around the Vucciria: for visitors an app is available through which you can, by clicking on each product in the painting, follow digital paths to acquire information on nature of the product, the origin, the organoleptic characteristics.