On Saturday 25 March 2017 the inauguration ceremony of the new Museo Delta Antico took place in Comacchio. Many important personalities present at the ceremony: the mayor of the city Marco Fabbri, the Minister of cultural heritage Dario Franceschini, the Vice-president of FAI Marco Magnifico and the Archbishop of Ferrara and Comacchio Mons. Luigi Negri.


For many years A & R Progetti has been supporting the museum staff to ensure the correct conservation of these rare and delicate artifacts. In particular, it provides for the supply, management and maintenance of sophisticated technological equipment that ensures the maintenance of the necessary microclimatic parameters inside the windows.

The Museum finds space in the imposing neoclassical architecture of the eighteenth-century Ospedale degli Infermi (1771/1784), created by Antonio Foschini and Gaetano Genta. It is one of the most significant and monumental buildings of the charming historic center of Comacchio.

There is exhibited a rich heritage of archaeological heritage from the territory, from the earliest testimonies of protohistoric times up to the Middle Ages. Through the exhibition of nearly two thousand finds and thanks to evocative reconstructions, the museum tells the story of the ancient mouth of the Po which, with its numerous navigable canals and dirt roads, has been an important trade and civilization hub over the centuries. which connected the Mediterranean world and continental Europe.

Of particular importance is the section dedicated to the Roman Ship of Comacchio and its precious cargo. This is an exceptional discovery in 1980 that brought to light, from the bottom of a drainage channel, the Roman boat dating from the end of the 1st century BC. The ship carried a substantial load of items for sale. In addition to the load, numerous objects from the daily life of the crew were also found.

In particular, among the objects included in the air-conditioned windows curated by A & R, there are items of leather clothing including aprons, ties, shoes, socks and travel bags. For these findings, as well as for bronze objects, including brooches, lanterns and daggers, and in wood, such as mazzuoli and blocks, it is necessary to maintain precise parameters and a daily check by the Museum staff.

Another fundamental function is the management of T and UR detectors, datalogger sensors able to constantly monitor the microclimatic trend, both inside the windows and in the external environment. On a four-monthly basis, A & R provides for the download of the data collected by the data loggers and their reprogramming, providing the museum’s scientific manager with the data tables and related charts.

Among the services offered by A & R, urgent on-call interventions guaranteed within 36 hours, which allow timely solutions in cases of imminent risk