By operating environment museum since 1991 A & R Projects S.A.S believes it is essential to adopt measures for monitoring and analysis, both in confined spaces such as display cases or, more generally, in the exhibition halls and warehouses, tackling the delicate problem of climate control and the maintenance of microclimate. The service consists in the installation of suitable instruments in “museum containers”, the data download and reprogramming tool. A critical analysis of the data found according to the answers given to the needs of the collection, or the objects that need to be exposed, with the identification of the areas most critical for conservation and, if necessary, the identification of corrective actions to be taken to improve the data, adjusting the required museum standards, with fine-tuning of climate control strategies:
– identification of improved solutions regarding technology for organizing (display cases), for the microclimate control and the control of air quality;
– shielding of the windows for the control of natural radiation and choice of suitable artificial lighting systems.
The analysis of the collected information is crossed with the availability of museum institution’s resources, allows the preparation of preventive conservation intervention plan. The preventive conservation measures must be established case by case basis, based on the real needs of conservative considered collection, with the primary aim of creating safe environments and optimal storage conditions.

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  • Programming software zLogg Manager free download
  • Does not require interfaces nor proprietary software for reading data
  • Customizable PDF reports with graphics, tabular reports, alarm limits and indication of exceeding thresholds
  • Report of the recordings in CSV tabular format
  • Resolution hundredths 0 01 ° C
  • Internal sensor
  • Multifunction display
  • Out with START
  • STOP button Function button for manual shutdown can be activated via software
  • Event marking
  • Stats current value, min, max, average and MKT (mean kinetic temperature)
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • SIT traceable