We would like every visitor, regardless of age or type of training, to develop an interest in the role of money and its functions. Our aim is to intrigue the visitor so that he wants to return to the museum “declared Ferdynand B. Ruszczyc, museologist and director of the exhibition center.


To this end, in the Museum project, in addition to the spaces set up for our display windows, educational programs on the theme of money and on the evolution of the role it has played in society up until the present day are planned. Of course there are guided tours, especially for schools but designed for different types of public.

The airline that houses the Money Center is that of the old Institute of Fundamental Technological Research in Warsaw. An intense restructuring work coordinated by the architects of the KiPP Projekt architectural office led to a radical reorganization of the spaces and gave the structure a refined “19th century” look.

A & R Progetti is now designing and creating the windows for a part of the exhibition itinerary. A great saleswoman who reconfirms the importance of Italian know-how in the museology and museum industry.