Dedicated to temporary exhibitions and temporary installations.

The activity of A&R is divided also in the rental display cases, and in particular of display cases with controlled microclimate service: the display cases are made with  metal base coated MDF painted and the exhibition part made of safety glass,  equipped with lighting inside (on request), a performance guarantee of elegant and refined work.

The base is capable of accommodating the relative humidity control unit, which has the access through the side of the base that can be opened.

The above image is relative to the control unit, we have widely used the humidify and dehumidify to monitore the microclimate inside the display case, which to be used especially for artifacts of great historical-artistic value and / or that presenting the particular aspect of the artifact. In this case, the units have been installed at the Delta Old Museum of Comacchio, in the windows, which displays delicate artifacts along with the cargo of a Roman ship of the II century B.C.

The machines to monitor temperature and relative humidity have small dimensions and are silent and easy to manage. The display cases are made with wheels to facilitate the movement and the glazed roof is in elegant stratified extra-clear glass that guarantees adequate air tightness and perfect vision.