A & R Progetti in collaboration with Studio Berlucchi SRL has realized the project for the new installation of the Museum of Calligraphy located in Istanbul, in the historical building called Beyazit, built in the early 1500s under the Ottoman Empire, currently undergoing restructure. Mainly to accomodate an educational institution for Islamic religious legal science, also called “Madrasa”.

The proposal is divided into an essential set-up, which tends to interfere as little as possible with the architecture of the building, which is why we support the idea of ​​a strong use of glass, obtaining the particular aspect of suspension-floating of the works. The building is characterized by a particular architectural arrangement consisting of a consecutive series of small rooms, which represented the study rooms, distinguished by domed roof and numerous windows and niches on the walls, giving an immersive and truly fascinating tour. We proceeded with a meticulous study of the artifacts that were in the intention of the client to expose to the public, to understand better, between combinations and dimensions, the internal layout of the showcases; precious objects include tapestries, ancient books and precious objects. The design of the showcases was conceived with external glass surfaces and without mullions, so as to give maximum impetus and lightness, even for large ones. Inside, the covering is given by green velvet fabric and the lighting, by adjustable led spotlights, adjustable in intensity, to bring out the magnificent finds at their best.

Particular attention has been paid to the suspended lighting systems of the rooms, created by a large circular band surmounted by directional spotlights. This solution has been used successfully at the Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery in Brescia, with a great scenic effect.