The Diocesan Museum is located inside the old Bishopric of Feltre, in the heart of the historic center and was inaugurated in 2007.

For the occasion, we have created furnishes and the new layout of the Diocesano museum itinerary with display showcases where the sculptures, the liturgical vestments and the sacred jewelery in a section dedicated to them to find space and visibility.

The peculiarity of these showcases is in the materials used. CORTEN steel, where the color tone appears warm and intense and offers many aesthetic solutions in relation to the singular “elegance of rust”. The main characteristics of it is excellent resistance to corrosion due to atmospheric agents since natural oxidation stops with time, forming protection and a limestone known as “red flake of Feltre”, used in the restoration of the palace for some elements including the flooring of the rooms and the stairs.

We have also created the conference room at the Old Bishopric.