Our work in Castelseprio

With the Late Antiquiry/Early Middle Ages Castrum and Borgo, site of the Early Middle Ages church of Santa Maria foris portas and walled extension encircling Torba which became a nunnery in the 8th century, Castelseprio constitutes one of the better preserved and singular archaeological-architectonic complexes of the Longobard Age. Its position dominating the Olona Valley, in a naturally defended and secludes place, determined the destiny of the site;initially, it had a defensive role as the arena for warfare – its walls werw destroyed by the Visconti in 1287 during the struggle for dominion over Milan. Its successive heyday was in religious life as the parish of San Giovanni,expanding to include a chapterhouse and canons in the Late Midle Ages. The uniqueness of the site, immersed in a timeless location of rare charm, was recognised on the 25th of June, 2011 when Casteseprio was nominated as one of the UNESCO World Eritage Sites. L’Italia dei Longobardi: I luoghi del potere (568-774) (Italy under the Longobards: The places of power) – together with the other italian sitescharacterised by Longobard Age religious and monumental building of particular architectonic and symbolic importance. A&R Progetti is been call twice for the production of the show cases of the archaeological site of Castelseprio. The first time was in 2008 when they produced 8 show cases, and the second time, in 2019 for one more.