Siena 2019: creation of a show case for precious antic jewellery.

The show case has been created for Mr Francesco Leanza, a private collector who has commissioned  us the cabinet for his private house in Siena.
The commitee’s request was to display his important collection of old jewellery mainly composed by gold and silver astile crosses and also by cencers and glasses. The cabinet is protected by highly manufactyredglass and cencers.
The realization developement of the project is made by our knowledge and the creatyvity of the commetee.
The size of the showcase consists of acm 160×0.55×225 glassall exept for the base that has been censtricted without vertical columns. The exibition mechanism is made 7 shelves made in pmma, support from 4 still bars.
Every bar has a set of holding compass realized in a very special manner for support all the shelves. The system allow the possibility to rise and low all of it.
The choice of this exibition system has been longer meditated with the commetee: differently of what happen for a museum exibition, where every objet has a log lasting position, the requirement of a private collector is to be able to change the place of the objects inside of the cabinet.
All the materials used for the realization of the cabinet, are from the highest quality.
The sliding guides who can be totally extracted are equipped with sphere bearing.

The stitify extralight glass of 6+6  has an inserted pvb film.
for the glass cielino , see the requirement to place holes for the placement of the vertical bars, is been esential produce another glass with another tempering passage.

the Bars and compasses in steinless steel made  with precise mechanism and final looking glass polish
The  20 mm thick pmma shelves guarantees the perfect stability and avoids possible individual bending. The specific lateral rip allows the easy removal of the she ledge.
Another essential opening system was created to allow the commitee to easily open the showcase with absolute security and to access the exposition compartment in complete autonomy.
For this reason we decided to let the two tight sides extendible with the sliding system of the window sides.