The Ecce Homo of Antonello Da Mesina, safeguard in Collegio Alberoni, is the most important masterpiece of the intere storic artistic albertonian collection.
The masterpiece is with no dubt the most acctraction of the exibition.
The immense worth of the masterpiece and the extreme fragility of the board, has always push the Faters of the Collegio to not give the loan authorization, thatfor, the piece left the Collegio, exept for restores, just for 3 important exibitions.
The board is very delicate, the thickness of the wood very tiny, and the pittoric film very delicate, always at high risck of raising. And also the tunnels who is been dig from the woodworms in the past decades encreased the precariety of the masterpiece.
The very few authorized transfers, made with the most avanced conservation solutions is been a reson of worry and concern.
However , the Collegio amministration, agreed to the exposition of the masterpiece at the Palazzo Reale di Piacenza.
The occasion is favorable for the project of the replacement of the showcase, an we are in charge of it.
So we will realize a special show case with a software of the temperature monitoring and humidity values, climalized at the microclimate parameters adequates to te precious board.
Our staff are now engaged in the realization of this important assignment.